After years of working as a administrative assistant, project manager, sales director, and assistant director at various companies, I saw how much change was needed. There were inefficient systems in place for  teams on the operations side of business. Serious mismanagement of employees. Infractions of time both on the company and employees.
Messages between companies and their staff just being missed. 
I felt it was time for a different way of reaching people and to get clearer communication within organizations and their teammates.
Injecting INTENTIONAL LAUGHTER and still accomplish the business at hand can make a difference!

Annemarie Deutschmann

+1 314-518-0707


Annemarie began her career in community outreach fifteen years ago working with a very large non-profit and in the senior industry. Over that time, she developed lasting relationships within sales, marketing, and project management. Her many strengths include fundraising, spearheading projects, and collaborating within public and private corporations. 
With food insecurity rising within senior living communities and motivated by a personal loss due to malnutrition, BACDEK Farms, LLC was formed. Her and her business partner, Eric Kuenkler, use BACDEK as a vehicle to educate the public about aquaponics and how sustainable farming can help mitigate food insecurity. She not only sees aquaponics as sustainable farming, but it can provide an avenue for senior socialization.
Annemarie believes that aquaponics isn’t just for seniors, but as a teaching tool for area schools. Using BACDEK Farms, Annemarie can provide a unique STEM opportunity by customizing curriculum based on the needs of the individual school program. Her and Eric knew it could change how people have access to quality organic food.. And grow what they want, where they want…one BACDEK at a time. 


is that laughter Improves social connections: Laughing and sharing humor with others can help improve relationships and enhance a sense of community. Sometimes it can be truly contagious and will change the energy in a room..Learn about how I teach classes on intentional laughter and BOOK TODAY!

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